Four things you'll hate about your BMW M3 E46

The BMW M3 E46 is one of the most spectacular car in the world and one of the best talking about the price / performance ratio, expecially considering only medium budget cars.
But also this beautiful car produced by the Bavarian factory is not perfect and has some little things that, if you own one, you have to face on and that maybe you can hate. Let's see, in this short video, four of them!

At first, this car has a maintenance that is absolutely expensive: if you need some new pieces, or to restore a worn one, you will recieve a very high bill from your mechanic. Brakes, tyres, engine components are all very expensive, so if you are looking for a cheap maintenance car, the BMW M3 E46 is not the your.

Second: the trasmission is, of course, an old style transmission, only manual, and it has a reason, because the E46 is a '90s car and in those years the automatic trasmission was far to be commercialized. If you are not able to use this kind of transmission, please pass over or you'll risk to ruin a precious car.

Third: power increase. The BMW M3 E46 is already a very powerful car, with a lot of HP, but if there aren't enough for you, increase the power could be very difficult and expensive too. The only easy and cheap thing you can do, is to force the engine electric control.

Fourth: the condition of the car. Probabily you bought (or you are going to buy) a second (or more) owner car, so you cannot know how the old owners took care about the M3 E46 you are driving. For sure, if the price is very low, there is something wrong and you have to pay attention, it could be some ugly surprise just around the corner.

These are four things that could make you hate the BMW M3 E46, but there are at least one thousand things you'll love about this car, so if you have the opportunity, drive it and love it!
Author marcolestu
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