Formula 1: GP China 2017 - Highlights

Fifteen days after the victory of Sebastian Vettel in Melbourne, get ready response from Lewis Hamilton. The British Mercedes driver took the win in the Grand Prix of China 2017 in Shanghai  which took place Sunday, April 9th.

Starting from pole position, the three-time world champion has had no problems in leading the race from start to finish. Helping Hamilton also an unfortunate strategy for Vettel who has not brought the desired results. With the track still damp at the time of starting the pilots have decided to start with intermediate tires, knowing that after a few laps on the track gradually drying would have to make the stop. The German Ferrari driver has therefore opted to anticipate the pit-stop than the others, finding himself on his return to the sixth position.

At the 3rd round, however, the Giovinazzi error, which has slammed on the wall of the straight, has caused the entry of the safety car.  At that point Vettel could not make money from its strategy to move forward while the rest of the group proceeded the break for the tire change, because the race control ordered the pilots to move from the pit-lane to allow cleaning of the track by debris. The Ferrari driver has thus found himself in fifth place, behind even Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Verstappen (who started sixteenth), with the latter the author of a great comeback.

The young Red Bull driver offered great show on the not yet fully dry track, overtaking Raikkonen first and then his companion, with a beautiful overtaking. At that point the Australian held for several laps behind "Iceman" and Vettel, with the Finnish unable to make a determined attack on the Red Bull driver. With Hamilton further away, the German decided to attack his companion and past him on lap 20 to take fourth place.

Two laps later the overtaking of Ricciardo with whom Vettel has then won the third place, before taking advantage of a Verstappen error and ascend to the second position. When the delay of the Ferrari number 5 marked ten seconds behind the leader, too many to worry the Mercedes number 44. At that point, with another pit-stop, the field values ​​are not changed, with the Dutchman who finished on the podium in front of Ricciardo and Raikkonen. Sixth for Valtteri Bottas, the protagonist of a mistake early in the race, ahead of Sainz (Toro Rosso), Magnussen (Haas), and Force India's Perez and Ocon. Forced to retire Fernando Alonso (McLaren).

With the victory of Lewis Hamilton in Shanghai he reaches Sebastian Vettel at 43 points in the championship standings. The feeling is that last year the two will duel in every race for victory and that the fight for the title will be a deal not only for Mercedes.

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