Former British agent claims he was abducted by aliens!

The history that today we present concerns a former police officer, Alan Godfrey who claims he was abducted by aliens several times. It all began November 28, 1980 when Alan, during a patrol in Todmorden, remarked on her way to a local farm where, mysteriously, disappeared some livestock, passing low over a huge object of unidentified origins.

The agent was in a suburb of the city when, a few hundred meters away, he saw an object stationed in front of him, which had initially mistaken for the local bus, but then, inching closer to the car service he realized they were facing a large mass luminescent oval that rotated at high speed on itself, so as to move the bushes on the road ahead.

He told that he was literally "crossed" by the luminous mass that then, rapidly, had vanished on high in the sky. Got out of his car he noticed, on the wet circular dry track where previously stationed rotating the object, once back at the police station noticed that it was in at least 15 minutes later than the end of the round.

What had happened in that quarter of the missing now that he did not remember?

Fearful of being ridiculed by colleagues avoided, then and there, to report what had happened but a few hours later, a truck driver went to the police complaining that he saw, in the surroundings of the same area, a luminous object of a bright blue-white color.

Some testimonies later collected from colleagues in the district confirmed the event, pushing Godfrey to present a report on what he had seen that night: a brilliant mass that had arrested the car's engine and it was directed at him, blinding him and making briefly unconscious.

Godfrey years later, he decided to undergo a regressive hypnosis session which brought out more details.

The memory of these details that emerged from his regressive hypnosis made him somewhat fragile enough to induce him to talk even with his superiors, who sent him back to visit for further evaluation of his physical and mental health, which, fortunately, It was completely normal.

However, failing to permanently get rid of the memory that ties him to the bizarre encounter finally chose to resign, after many years of distinguished service.
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