Foamy - How to make a sunflower

In this video tutorial, run by "Manualidades yonaimy", you will see all the steps to create a beautiful sunflower in foamy, using the technique of thermoformed.
Before creating this work, you need the following materials: foamy yellow, foamy green, foamy brown, a wooden skewer, a pair of scissors, brushes, hot glue or glue, Acrylic paint in green, orange-coloured acrylic paint, markers of different shades of green, gold, iron and glitter paper models of the various parts of the sunflower.

To start, having cut paper templates, place them on the sheet of foamy correspondent, mark the outline with the wooden skewer and cut out the shape. Once we have all the necessary parts (petals, leaves, etc), implemented the sunflower Centre, then cut out a strip of foamy Brown, fold it in two (in the direction of the length) and practice of small cuts on one side, then roll it up on itself and hold her down with glue.

At this point, take the flower and warm it up on the hot iron, so you can work it, then give each petal shape you want and repeat this process with the other flower. Once this is done, marked with the magic marker outline of the leaves and with the skewer created the veining in the middle. Modeled after the leaves are heated on the iron and assembled your Sunflower.
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