First Drive Audi A9 Concept Prologue

In these days, the Audi presented the new A9 at the show in Los Angeles, destined to become the new flagship of Audi and of course to become one of the most beautiful cars that you can see in circulation. Not yet understand what the intentions of the house with the four rings, in the sense that surely this beautiful car will be a step above the A8, making it the most luxurious car produced by the Germans, but it is unknown whether it will be produced as a coupe luxury or as a four-door coupe. There will be time to figure it out, because the output on the market is not expected before 2015/2016. In this video, in the meantime, we could enjoy a fantastic preview of the car that is tested for the first time in the city. In this test-drive, we will see how the new head of Audi design, Marc Lichte, has literally passed. The car has a completely different design, much more sporty and attractive, while inside is a blend of comfort and technology. Just to name a few, we have the usual speedometer in front, but a true multimedia system, which will be our navigator in three dimensions. The same navigation system will also mounted on the dashboard on the passenger side, while between the two seats, will mount a thin touch display, that every time you turned on the machine will control the car and tell us if it's okay or must intervene some way. In short, Audi, do not want to stop to amaze.
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