First close encountrer Rossi - Lorenzo after 2015 Championship at EICMA

During the 2015 EICMA ("Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori" that could be translated as "International Exposition of Bike, Motorbike and Accessory") happened in Milan from the 19th November 2015 to the 22th November 2015, Yamaha presented its new projects for 2016 and as spokeperson were called both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi, official Yamaha drivers in the MotoGP championship.

Presented by the president of Yamaha, Mr. Hiroyuki Yanagi, the two drivers went on stage and faced themselves for the first time after the end of the most debated MotoGP World Championship ever, with the great come back of Lorenzo on Rossi and the supposed help of Marc Marquez given to his compatriot during the Australian, Malysian and Valencian Races.

Lorenzo won his fifth title, Rossi cannot reached his tenth and the atmosphere between them was really nervous just right away the end of the last race, with the Italian that did not participated at the awards cerimony and avoided every contact with his rival teammate.

But in this occasion they had to be simultaneously on the same stage and a lot of reporters were there to see how they will relate. They arrived driving the new MT-10 (on the seat the World Champion Jorge Lorenzo) and the new XSR900 (driven by Rossi) and when they removed their helmets, they didn't watch each other. The crowd was amazed and enthusiastic but the drivers appeared very embarassed and hopeful that the event will end soon, avoiding any question about their relationship and their future.
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