Ferrari FXX K Start Up, Accelerations & INSANE Sound!

This video, speaks and shows an extremely revolutionary car, the Ferrari FXX K, a beautiful car of the glorious house of Maranello, founded in 1947 by the brilliant Ing. Enzo Ferrari, also known as Drake. This fantastic racing car, produced in very few specimens, already awarded before the beginning of production, and destined to customers - testers of the automaker, with the primary aim to verify and improve the Electronic Solutions, aerodynamic, mechanical dynamics and function of motor racing stable, committed in World Championship Formula 1, GT Endurance. The car is not homologated for road use and is not suitable for use in competitive races. Now we come to describe the characteristics of the car, riding a motor 1050C , of whom 860 provided by the V12 engine thermal and 190 electric motor complementary to a displacement of 6262 cm3 , with a 7-speed F1 gearbox with double clutch, a wholly owned subsidiary electronically. The top speed of this prototype was not disclosed, but we believe they are stratospheric speed, because we know that over one lap the Fiorano Autodrome, the track where they tested all the cars Ferrari, the car runs in 5 seconds average lap less than the GT and Endurance. The sale price, as mentioned before is not very indicative because it is destined already delivered to a select few, is estimated at around 2.5 million. A novelty is also in the particular tires fitted dall'FXX K, Pirelli tires with sensors, able to detect the values ??of temperature, pressure , acceleration longitudinal, lateral and radial, data that serve to optimize the operations of the traction control. Watch this video and you will dream of being behind the wheel of this jewel of Italian automotive production, a feel unique and unrepeatable and an absolute privilege to listen to the legendary Ferrari roar.
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