Ferrari F40 LM - Scary Sound!

When we are talking about Ferrari, fans of cars prick up their antennas and listen to the topic of discussion.

The car we are talking about, however, is not an "ordinary" Ferrari, but is one of the most popular supercar built by the Prancing Horse; we are talking about the fantastic Ferrari F40 LM version.

From the base of the F40 built in 1987, the engineers at Maranello have given vent to their darkest fantasies, managing to create two copies of F40 suitable to participate in the famous "24 Hours of Le Mans" held in 1989.

The technical data of the LM version are crazy and speak for themselves, considering we're talking about a different era of supercar automobile: increased maximum power that could vary from 720 to 780 hp (vs. 478 of the "original" version), 0 -100 km / h to less than 3 seconds, speed around 370 km / h and the weight around the ton.

One of these two F40 LM (the car driven by Frenchman Alesi) was subsequently acquired by a Belgian billionaire, who has made several changes to the car and it is the one in the movie. After a successful set-up by the mechanics, that's the LM takes to the track. The sound is absolutely thrilling and you can appreciate the car in action right in the track for which it was built, the famous Le Mans.
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