Felt flower headband - Tutorial

In this video tutorial you will see the creation of a fabulous flower made in felt and to create it, you need the following materials:

  • the color felt you prefer,
  • the hot glue,
  • a sheet of paper and a pen,
  • a ruler,
  • an object circular shape,
  • a half pearl,
  • a pair of scissors.

Begin the work by drawing a few squares on the sheet of paper, the first one needs to measure 3,5 inch and for each side, the second 3 inch and the third to measure 2,5 inch. After cropping the three squares, take the larger one and place it on the felt of the color you chose.

Draw 12 square squares and cut them, then take the 3 inch square of paper as you did with the previous one, cut out 10 square in total, and finish doing the same thing with the 2.5 inch cut with the latter 8 square by the felt.

Once you have available all the squares of different sizes, each of them will have to cut out the shape of a petal and once you've all done them, take the circular object you chose, place it on the felt and after it sketch contours, cut out the shape.

Do this, take your petals and apply a drop of hot glue to the bottom of each of them, join the ends to give them the exact shape, then starting from the larger ones that will stick along the outer circumference of the felt felt, complete your flower.

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