Errol Spence Jr. vs Chris Algieri - Highlights

There were no successful Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan, succeeded Errol Spence Jr. to beat before the limit Chris Algieri in the ring of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Errol Spence Jr is now no longer a promise but a reality!

The 26 year old boxer from Texas has dominated Algieri, forcing him to a heavy technical knockout in the fifth round. Algieri has immediately tried to move a lot and to get his jab, was expected but Spence had the right countermeasures.

Spence, after a period of study, began to apply his strategy to lock the legs of Algieri and force him to make a match from short distance. To lock it needed a large work at the hips and was what Spence did with judicious and abrupt changes over when he could. Algieri, 32, did not have the power to embarrass the rival and the action of Spence became more dense, also benefited from the suddenness of his arms in short shots to the face.

The first knockdown suffered by Algieri was on the fourth round, when it was hit to the chin from Spence left hook. In the fifth round Algieri was hit by another hook and went back to the mat. In fall Algieri got hurt in the leg, but he could still stand up. Shortly after, a tremendous left hook to the jaw found him with too low guard and Algieri came back down, just stopped by the referee.

A great show of strength for Errol Spence Jr., a boxer destined for great things in the future and that appears to be ready to play a match for the world title. A strong message to current champions in the welterweight, that sooner or later will have to contend with this promising boxer!
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