Embroidery - The Palestrina Stitch

The Palestrina stitch is a traditional embroidery point that does not require a very complicated procedure, in fact, is also suitable for beginners.

This point provides two versions, namely the point at Picots nodes, also defined by the name of the Big Palestrina node and the node point called also the small node Palestine. To make your decoration even more enchanting, it is advisable that the distance between each other is regular, as this point is used to finish the various items you choose.

For the Palestine stitch you will have to get a fabric on where to practice, a needle and an attached cotton thread. Draw the contour of your design with the soft pencil and then apply the technique of the joint.

If you aren't practical in returning the handmade design to the fabric, use the charcoal technique. Now, proceed with the creation of the Palestine point where you have to go right upwards, thus obtaining oblique points.

The next steps of this point will not take the fabric below. Now, with the needle and thread, enter the first oblique point and left to right, holding the thread on the right and repeating the previous step trying to form a node.

In this tutorial video you will see how to make this embroidery stitch.

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