Embroidery - Hardanger Stitch

The Hardanger stitch also called Norwegian stitch, is one of those points that creates an ancient and elegant embroidery and often is recreated on linen or cotton tissue.

This technique involves a main element of the block Kloster, which offers an embroidery to personalize many items including towels and pillows.

For this step you'll have to get the following materials:

  • a white cotton or white linen,
  • a frame,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • an embroidery needle.

Before beginning the embroidery on canvas proceed with hem around, which typically is done with hemstitch, to delimit the embroidery. Then using a circular frame, attach the fabric to run all parts of embroidery.

The work is divided into several parts: framing of parts from fretwork, execution of figures and ornamental lines in full embroidery, cutting and extraction of tissue strands in parts fretwork.

The starting point that is performing the base point is the past stitch: you run out of four strands of fabric, with points divided by a wisp of fabric for five times, initially leaving the wire without doing the knot to pin it just make a point and a half, the direction to the embroidery is your choice, you can make both from left to right or righy to left.

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