Elegant nail art for Christmas

In the video tutorials offered, you will see the realization of a very elegant Christmas nail art. In this case it was a demonstration of fairy tip to better explain all the steps, so you can safely achieve on your natural nails but also on those reconstructed. To proceed to the creation of nail art, you will need the following products: gel midnight blue with glitter, glitter gel with silver, white gel, clear gel, gel for reconstruction, a rhinestone and a precision brush with a fine tip. To start with the processing of course you'll have to prepare your natural nail, so you have to sanitize the nail, push back cuticles, define the shape with a file, matting and wipe dry with a tissue. Subsequently applied on the entire nail gel midnight blue (covering it completely) and catalyzed lamp, then once dry, take the gel with silver glitter and paint only one side, not perfectly in half, but creating a wave so so as to cover a large part of the tip and only a small part of the fund. After cured, paint with white gel the angle of the tip of the nail on which you spread the gel before and go back in the lamp. Now using the builder gel created and slumping when dry draw a white star on the side of the nail and apply a rhinestone in the center of the latter. Finally polished work with a coat of clear gel.

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