Earthquake: Golden Retriever miraculously saved from rubble after 9 days

To Amatrice a Golden Retriever named Romeo was saved from rubble after 9 days. The dog is miraculously survived after being trapped so long without food or water. The rescue operation was possible thanks to the Firefighters of Latina.

It was saved 9 days after the earthquake that struck the Reactor last August 24. It is called Romeo, it is a splendid Golden Retriever, which was trapped under the rubble at Amatrice and was taken to safety by the operative sections of the Fire Brigade of Latina, La Spezia and Rome.

The rescuers, in fact, were accompanying Romeo's owners among the house ruins trying to retrieve some dress and other items when they heard him bark. As soon as he was released, the puppy heard his master's voice and tried to get down the rubbish of the rubble, held by the La Spezia Group's firefighters, who took it down to his arms. But as soon as he got to the floor, he robbed the firefighters, shrugged and moved several steps around the group of his saviors, in seemingly good conditions.

At the time of the shock, homeowners slept on the second floor while Romeo, their golden retriever, was on the first floor. The couple managed to save themselves but in the confusion of the dog there was no trace, and after looking for it for hours the owners had been taken away along with the other displaced. But when they came back to Villa San Lorenzo at Flaviano, today, to pick up some personal belongings from the rubble, the dog started barking to draw attention.

Luckily, some beams had the weight of the debris, reserving Romeo a niche of about a meter for a meter that allowed him to get up, turn around and lie down, in short, to survive.

Then the dog's strength did the rest, allowing him to stay alive without eating and drinking for ten days. As soon as it was extracted, the firefighters gave him water and once found that Romeo's condition was good, they let him go.

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