Duncan: The power of love!

Exciting and extremely addictive short film, in which we see a beautiful Boxer who runs happy, along with his master, along a sun-drenched beach.

The Boxer of the video is called Duncan and since birth is plagued by paralysis of the hind limbs. With a skilled training and with a really uncommon willpower in this clip, we can see the joy of running and be free of this splendid four legs.

Duncan indeed, careless of his handicap, running like a madman all along the beach and apparently does not accuse tiredness and don't prove you're in trouble.

The Boxer is a breed of dog of the Molosser family. He was selected originally in Germany around XIX century, as a cross between the Brabanter Bullenbeisser and the Old English Bulldog.

As is evident in the video, the Boxer has a disarming character stability, which makes it joyous and cheerful even in situations of apparent difficulty. Is an extremely dynamic and active, even when old csne retain a markedly positive.

The Boxer is a dog very affectionate, loyal, sociable and sweet, especially suitable for living with the children, but also in the company of other animals or dogs in General. Great playful, very curious. Great companion dog, but even stalwart defender of family members, however due to its natural hyperactivity should play a constant physical activity to stay healthy.
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