DIY - Lanterns with fairies

The YouTuber Nichola Battinala, will show you how to make lanterns whose motive will be the fairies. The above video tutorial is suitable for anyone and is very easy to do.

To achieve these lanterns, you must obtain the following materials:

  • a glass jar,
  • the fairies cardboard,
  • hot glue,
  • the glue,
  • a brush,
  • a white paper towel,
  • white acrylic paint,
  • white glitter,
  • twine,
  • a low candle,
  • berries.

After thoroughly cleaning your jar, with hot glue internally pasted your fairy in the center of the jar. Subsequently, with a brush head to deposit a bit of glue on the entire surface and, before the latter dries pasted a white paper towel. Put a layer of glue also on the napkin, to make it adhere well to the jar.

At this point, just the paper layer is dry, with a finger to apply a little white acrylic color wherever you like trying to blend it, but before it dries applicateci over white glitter. Now, decorate the top of your jar with string and above it glued fake berries. Finally, positioned inside your jar a candle low. With this process you can decorate any glass jar for each special event, using fewer materials and readily available at any home improvement store or simply at your home.

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