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This video shows the footage of the plot of the video game Diablo III, a role-playing game developed by the manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment and released on the market May 15, 2013, available for both PC and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and 4. A few months later came out the first expansion "Reaper of Souls" available only for PCs.
The story is divided into five acts and is set in the same place of the previous versions, namely in the town of New Tristram in the world of Sanctuary, twenty years after the death of the Lord of Destruction, Baal a famous and powerful demon, brother of Mephisto and Diablo.
It presents a setting of a world destroyed many demons still alive and with three Masters of Evil are ready to destroy the world of Sanctuary and will own the "new" heroes to challenge them to stop the horde of evil.
The game is divided into four difficulty: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Hell 2, with the possibility to choose six classes of characters including: The "Barbarian" using weapons mainly white, the "Shaman" evoking demonic families, the "Wizard "which has a magical power hallucinating that compensates for the fact of being weak defense, the "Monk" attacking his enemies up close and spells through self care, the "Demon Hunter" mainly using bows and crossbows and prefers ranged attacks, finally, the "Crusader" available with the first expansion that uses swords and flails with both hands.
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