Desigual necklace in polymer clay

The tutorial explains in detail how to make a beautiful necklace inspired by the famous brand Desigual, completely made of polymer clay. The material needed to create this work is: scraps of polymer clay, polymer clay black, a murrina, paper model of the series, plastic wrap, rolling pin, flexible blade, molds and permanent black ink, an awl and the liquid polymer clay. Start by taking the scraps of polymer clay and roll the dough thick enough, place it on the model of the necklace and cut the dough of a size larger than the paper model. Now take the murrina, cut very thin slices and place them on the sheet of polymer clay covering it completely, then; the latter positioned on a sheet of plastic wrap, be careful not to create wrinkles and gently rub with your fingers to standardize the work. Being careful not to press too, pass the rolling pin in all directions and then using a flexible blade cut necklace form and defined the edges with your fingers. By using black ink, you can transferred the stamp image on the necklace, make two holes with the awl (one on each side of the necklace) and bake. Next, roll out the dough very thin polymer clay black and glue it to the back of the necklace after putting the liquid polymer clay, cut the excess and cook again in the oven.

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