Denis Lebedev vs Murat Gassiev - Highlights

The most interesting boxing match of the weekend is undoubtedly the one staged at the Khodynka Ice Palace in Moscow, Russia. Protagonists of the challenge the two Russian Denis Lebedev and Gassiev Murat, who fought for the IBF cruiserweight title.

The match was in effect a generational comparison between a member of the old guard and a young lion, being the two fighters separated by fourteen years of age. In the end, the vigor of twenty-three Gassiev prevailed on the experience of the thirty-seven Lebedev, who still has not forfeited.

The match was fun and hard. Lebedev has much better start, winning the first two rounds thanks to the clever use of the jab. The champion gave an affirmative conducted as usual, but waited the moves of his opponent to return with explosive combinations from medium and short distance. From the third, however, the challenger was much more aggressive and began to raise the frequencies, finding more easily the angle and distance to right to score the straight right. Even the Gassiev jab started to reach the target, passing on the right shoulder of Lebedev.

The real breakthrough, however, occurred in the fifth round, when the challenger, who had begun to conduct a diligent work to the body in the two previous rounds, massaging the liver of his rival with three consecutive left hooks, the last of which sent Lebedev to the mat. From that point on, the champion would not regained full physical fitness, because Gassiev would no longer stopped torturing her right side.

The central rounds, until the tenth, have been a real ordeal for Lebedev, who had his moments with pride, but without ever calling the shots. The physicality of Gassiev was dominant, as well as the effectiveness of its work to the body. The tenth round should be a candidate to "Round of the year" for competitive content and twists that has reserved. The only thing missing some knockdown to achieve the highest level of drama. Gassiev lurched for the first time in the match on a hard left by Lebedev, who of course insisted in trying to get an unexpected knockout. What drew, however, was yet another broadside to the body, which again forced him to install the autopilot to fly away from the clutches of his rival.

The last two rounds were equally compelling and fought, after which the ball is passed into the hands of judges, two of which have operated properly assigning victory to Gassiev. We like to also point out the extreme sportiness that has always inspired the behavior of the two boxers: Gassiev has even applauded the reading of the card that rewarded Lebedev! The young Russian was really impressive for power, strength and physicality. Not be ruled out a rematch, although we doubt that Lebedev, which remains the WBA title, has a great desire to re-cross the gloves with someone like Gassiev.
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