Decoupage Tutorial - Image transfer on heart

Here's a video tutorial that will show you a nice job in shabby chic, decorated using the technique of decoupage.

If you want to take inspiration from this tutorial to make a job like this or a similar one, you need the following materials:
- an object to be decorated,
- sandpaper sheets,
- acrylic paint in white,
- sand-coloured acrylic paint for image transfer solution,
- decorated paper,
- brushes,
- adhesive tape,
- cotton,
- dark dough,
- matt varnish.

Start painting your object (in this case it was used a wooden heart) with sand-colored acrylic paint and let dry, meanwhile cropped designs printed on the sheet of paper and when the work dries, paint with white acrylic paint. Once dry, sand the surface using various sanding sheets, so you get a shabby chic effect as realistic as possible and try to get a smooth surface.

Once this is done, you can proceed to the transfer of the image, and then position the latter at work and hold her with duct tape, then, with a cotton swab, take a small amount of solution for transferring and apply it on the back of the picture, as long as the design won't become visible. Now use a flat stick to rub the back of your drawing, very gently and patiently, if necessary apply 2 or 3 times to transfer solution and continue as long as the image has completely transferred to the object.
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