Decoupage Tutorial - Candle Decoration

If you want to learn how to decorate a candle with the decoupage technique, you can follow this video tutorial, in which you all the different steps will be shown.

To perform this type of decoration, it will take you the following materials:
- a candle of the form that you prefer,
- a rice paper (or a paper towel for d├ęcoupage) decorated,
- a similar item to a small iron comprising a handle and a tip,
- a pair of scissors.

First, take the rice paper or a napkin decoupage decorated with a pair of scissors cut decorations, trying to eliminate the white parts. Now take it your candle, place on it the decoration cut previously, making sure to make it stick well, and hover the small object in iron form, previously heated.

If you can't find the object in question, you can run this type of decoration by heating a teaspoon cooking on a stove, and then pass it on decorated paper. In this way, the wax of the candle will melt slightly and this will cause the paper to become one with the candle itself and there is no type of projection especially along the edges.

In addition, while performing this type of work, you have to be careful not to create creases or air bubbles, otherwise you will get a completely smooth result at the end of the work, in fact the decoration will look like painted on the candle and not transferred using the paper.
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