Decoupage jars with thermolina

Very often at home we find ourselves with many empty jars that are often thrown away, but in this video tutorial on DIY you will see how to recycle them in two simple solutions. These two solutions provide the use of decoupage technique precisely image transfer and cracklè technique.

For these two jobs you will have:

  • two glass jars,
  • crackle paint,
  • a brush,
  • a cardboard,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • a pencil,
  • a cotton cloth,
  • a black acrylic color,
  • an acrylic color mint,
  • a low candle,
  • Thermolinium,
  • decoupage paper,
  • liquid glitter. 

Procedure for the candle holder jar:

Start cleaning your jar with a cotton cloth, while on a cardboard, draw a heart, cut it and place it on the jar with the scotch. Next, with a brush you begin to deposit a layer of crackle paint and let it dry for twenty minutes. At this point, take the black acrylic color and pass a layer across the surface. Finally, decorate your object with liquid glitter.

Procedure for the candy holder jar:

Start with the same procedure as the candle holder jar, then proceed with a layer of acrylic mint. As soon as the color is dried, begin to cut the chosen pattern and wet the press with the thermolina and place the upturned pattern on the jar. At this point, take off the pattern white film to see the motive transferred to your object.

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