Decoupage - How to make a jewelry box

In the proposed video tutorial, you will see the realization of a really beautiful and imaginative project. It is a jewelry made from recycled material and decorated using the technique of decoupage. If you want to re-create this job, you must obtain the following materials:

1. Some rolls of toilet paper (only inner carton) of white glue or hot glue,
2. A box of cereal or similar,
3. Napkins decorated paper (better if you use napkins to decoupage),
4. Acrylic painting of white color,
5. Decoupage glue,
6. Brushes, scissors,
7. A nail file,
8. Acrylic painting of pink,
9. A ribbon,
10. A strand of white beads,
11. Hot glue.

Take toilet paper titles and cut all seven cylinders of the same size (each roll should be cut more or less in half), then placed the first in the center and glued all the others around it, how to create a flower. Once dry, place the work of a cereal box and draw the shape (you have to draw two shapes).
After cropping both gauges, bonded the first under the flower created with paper rolls, while with the other you will have to create the cover, then, always with the cereal box, create a border of about 2 cm all around.

At this point, your joys port is finished, you just have to decorate it. With acrylic paint of white color, paint the entire lower part, both the inside and the outside and then also paint the outside of the lid, while the inner part of the you paint with acrylic painting rose.

Once dry, decorated the whole outline of the labor fund, then take the napkin and decorated using decoupage glue, or alternatively the glue, paste the entire contour of the lower part of the jewelry. Decorated in the same way also the upper part of the lid and let it dry. To end it all, glued a ribbon and a string of pearls around the edge of the lid.
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