Decoupage - How to decorate a glass bottle

Here is a simple and elegant way to recycle a common glass bottle with the decoupage technique and turn it into a truly unique item.

To perform this type of work, you'll necessarily need the materials listed below

  • a glass bottle, 
  • a white acrylic primer,
  • decoupage glue,
  • paper napkins decorated,
  • pasta in relief of two different colors matched to images contained on the paper towel,
  • sponge or swab for decoupage,
  • acrylic paint in white,
  • transparent matte paint,
  • a pair of scissors.

After cleaning the bottle, paint the entire surface by spreading a layer of white acrylic primer and wait until dry completely. When the primer is dry, apply two coats of acrylic paint in white, letting the first coat dry and then apply the second so that is fully opaque.

Once this is done, take your printed napkins and gently tear the pictures shown on them, perhaps using a small brush lightly moistened with water. Now glue the images on your bottle, placing them randomly and at your own pace, stretching out a coat of decoupage glue before on the bottle itself and then also on the image.

When you finished to decorating your bottle and satisfied with the work done, spread over the entire surface of the transparent matte paint and when again it will be dry, add some details using the dough in relief in two colours of your choice.

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