Decoupage - Floral Easter egg

In this video tutorial, you will see how to make a beautiful floral Easter eggs with motive in 3D, this is made with the technique of decoupage. The process is medium complexity but the result will be impressive.

For this Easter work, you must obtain the following items:

    a polystyrene egg,
    fine sandpaper,
    a sponge,
    the green acrylic paint,
    a plastic saucer,
    gray acrylic paint,
    the clear coat,
    a candle,
    plastic sheets with floral motive,
    a pair of scissors,

First, start by sanding the styrofoam egg with the sandpaper, once you have sanded the entire surface, you will pass to the decoration. In a plastic dish pour a little green acrylic color and with a sponge begin painting the whole egg. As soon as the color is dry, paint the whole.

Next, you will have to repaint the egg with gray acrylic paint. Meanwhile, the color dries, take the plastic sheets with a floral pattern, cut flowers and modeled with the flame of a candle. Finally, stick them with pins on the entire surface of the egg. With this process you can decorate your eggs with other motive, always made in 3D. Finally, apply a coat to make it last longer your Easter egg. Now, is finished the egg in a few easy steps.

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