Decoupage Easter Eggs

In this video tutorial, on the decoupage technique, you'll see how to customize the simple polystyrene eggs. With this technique, you will see how to create Easter eggs using a few materials.

To achieve these eggs, you will need to have:

  • white acrylic paint,
  • a polystyrene egg,
  • fine sandpaper,
  • a brush,
  • a saucer,
  • blue acrylic paint,
  • gray acrylic paint,
  • motif Easter card,
  • the glitter,
  • the PVA glue,
  • precision white acrylic color,
  • various decorations.

For every job in decoupage, take the sandpaper and level the surface, then paint the entire surface with white acrylic paint. As soon as it is dry, mix in a blue acrylic color saucer with a little gray and you will get a shade of dark blue. With the color just obtained, begin painting the egg ends, trying to fade the color.

At the center of your egg, paste the motive for Easter card. Now, with the white acrylic color accuracy make the abstract motifs on the upper end and before the paint dries to pass it in glitter. Finally, add the decorations to your liking, such as fake pearls or satin bows, as shown YouTuber Craft Tutorials in the video tutorial.

At the end you will get a beautiful Easter egg recycling of materials that you will definitely at home.

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