Decoupage - Decorate a cutting board with Cracklè technique

The YouTuber DIY Anna, decided in this new tutorial to use a new technique of decoupage which is the cracklè. This last from a vintage effect and mosaic to the object that you want to transform. In this movie you will see how to apply the cracklè to a simple wooden object. For the cracklè technique you must obtain:

  1. a wooden object (in this case a cutting board),
  2. a brush,
  3. white acrylic paint,
  4. paper for decoupage,
  5. decoupage glue,
  6. water,
  7. paint crackle,
  8. ancient paste,
  9. clear lacquer.

Take your cutting board, and on the surface start to apply a coat of white acrylic paint, then let dry very well the color. Now, with a little of water, try to detach the motif chosen by the paper for the decoupage, and then paste it on the chopping board using the glue for decoupage. Remember to also apply a decoupage glue over the motif chosen and, let it adhere well to the surface.

At this point, with another brush, past a coat of paint cracklè throughout the cuttingboard and, as soon as you will be dried, with the fingers, apply the ancient paste with circular movements. Finally, you'll notice the cracks on your object and pass a transparent varnish for emphasize them. Here is turned your chopping board!

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