Decoupage - Box of eggs for Easter

The tutorial taken from the Youtube Channel "Inspirello", shows an idea of ​​very pretty decoration, it will show you how to decorate a box of eggs with the technique of decoupage.

To replicate this so graceful work, you need the following materials:

  • a pack of eggs (empty),
  • six styrofoam eggs,
  • a sheet of abrasive paper,
  • a wooden skewer,
  • acrylic paint in white color,
  • brushes,
  • paper napkins decorated,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • glue for decoupage,
  • acrylic colors,
  • a toothbrush,
  • the matte varnish,
  • various decorations.

First, take the styrofoam egg and lightly sanded (if necessary), so as to make the surface perfectly smooth and even, then paint them completely with the white acrylic paint and let dry. Paint also the egg box (empty) with the same white acrylic paint and if necessary, spread two coats of the same so as to eliminate the underlying color. When everything will be dry, take the paper towels of your choice, cut out the images that interest you and begin to decorate the box both internally and externally, using the special glue for decoupage.

When you have finished the decoration of the box, do the same thing with all the eggs, pasting on them the images that you like. Then take some acrylics and mix colors to get a color that matches the decor and using a toothbrush, create sketches on both eggs on the package.

When you are satisfied with the results, apply a coat of clear varnish matte effect on all elements of this project and once dry, decorated eggs to your liking.

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