D.B. Cooper: Mystery Solved?

It was November 24, 1971, the eve of Thanksgiving Day. Direct Flight Northwest in Seattle there are just 36 passengers. Instead 18C sits a man who said his name was Dan Cooper. Black raincoat, black suits, sunglasses Snaps on and off continuously.
At 14:58 Cooper passes the hostess Florence Staffner a piece of paper, and It says: "I have a bomb, I'm ready to use it if necessary. You are hijacked. " Then shows the contents of a briefcase.
Wires connected to the cylinders, can really look like a bomb. Starts at that piece of paper a mystery unsolved: that of "DB Cooper" the hijacker and obtained $ 200,000, as ransom for the 36
passengers. A yellow left without a culprit, but many suspicions. The last one is popped off a few weeks ago.

Getting back to the 14:58 of the 24 November. The hostess explains the pilot conditions of Cooper. The jet, a Boeing 727, should remain in proportion as long as the Seattle airport may well have lost $ 200,000 and four parachutes. All obey. At 15.45 the plane lands, the exchange takes place: on board are three crew members and the pirate. At 19:38 the jet takes off again. Cooper order to route over Mexico, flying at low altitude, with sloping flaps of 15 degrees. Then asks the hostess to explain how it is possible to open the exit door at the back.

At 20:15 Cooper disappears: it was launched as the jet was on the Washington state, along the Columbia River. Outside the temperature is cold, roll a gale. Nobody knows exactly where it can be landed. Search operations are hindered by bad weather. And the pilot of a fighter sent in pursuit of Boeing could not see anything significant. The case of DB Cooper "a pseudonym" is lost in the forests of the area. Police seek and research while the skeptics shake their heads: "And 'cracked, could not make it."

The story opens again in February 1980 for about Brian Ingram, 8 years old. The baby during a picnic is a "treasure". Four thousand dollars, covered by earth, on the Columbia River. They are a part of the ransom obtained from Cooper. The discovery seems to confirm the thesis of those, who think that the pirate has died and drives many "hunters" in the area: they hope to find the rest of the loot.

The Fbi, however, focuses on the hijacker. In the list of suspects over 1,000 individuals, entering and leaving different characters. The clues aren't many and the agents must also beware of false leads. Why Cooper became a legendary figure. Like Jesse James and Billy the Kid. It isn't a matter of shame to be associated with DB, so it's an honor. Basically it did not hurt a fly.

The long hunting reserve dramatic and bizarre aspects. The FBI, in 1972, he plans to have it identified. His name is Richard McCoy and has made a hijacking similar to DB. It is also a former member of Special Forces, is a veteran of Vietnam, therefore, the liver has to sell. In fact, McCoy does not take live: first arrested, escapes, and is killed in a shootout with the feds. Write a book about him indicated as the real DB. But few people believe, including Florence Schaffer hostess who after so precise time: the identikit FBI is wrong.

From the film the story of another suspect. Duane Weber. In 2000 the wife says that her husband during a restless sleep, says a strange phrase: "I left footprints on the back stairs." Words that take on a different meaning for her when, March 28, 1995, Duane before expiring whispers, "I'm Dan Cooper." The FBI, after months of investigations, exonerates him.

Next another, and 'Kenneth Cristiansen, former paratrooper and former employee of an airline. Sister, in an exit interview at the end of October, said Kenneth was the "real DB Cooper." And lists the evidence as if they were medals: he had bought a house in the launch area after the hijacking, you knew parachuting, knew the region, like the man identikit. The FBI checks but excludes it be the same person, also crops up Brian Ingram, the child she had found part of the ransom. Now, adult, decided to auction off some bills. Fragments of a story that never seems to end.
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