Cute Chihuahua tricks and agility

Fun and exciting short movie in which we see a beautiful honey colored and long-haired chihuahua, who expertly guided by her mistress, performs precision and agility exercises really spectacular.

In the first part of the video, the little dog, rises up on its hind legs, the front rests on a soft yellow ball, and with disarming ease revolves around it. The second exercise is truly exceptional, in fact the little four legs walking backwards lifting the hind legs on a long red foam tube. At this point the chihuahua with sudden hops from the five to the trainer.

In the second part of the clip the cute dog, exceeds an entire path to agility with amazing simplicity. The video ends with an exercise really very original. Here we see the chihuahua with a continuous sequence of hopping, small yellow tubes placed between them a short distance away.

In this movie are evident hyperactivity and agility that characterize this beautiful breed of dog. The chihuahua in fact in spite of small size, it has considerable muscle power, especially in the lower legs. This feature allows you to perform simple exercises for other dogs are not possible. This rapidity of movement, combined with an uncommon intelligence, makes it one of the most popular dogs in the competitions of "Agility".
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