Crochet - Woven stitch with two colors

The processing proposed by Youtuber "Maria Helena", will show you a beautiful point braided in two colors, a very compact reversible point, with which you can create as many jobs with your crochet.

After being procured two wool yarn of different colors and a crochet hook suitable for the thickness of the wool choice, start your row of chains (which in this case are only 29) and coming back in the seventh ch from, loaded before three times the thread on the latter and then enter the chain and work a double high point.

Work another double high point even in the next chain and then make three little chains, jump three basic and fourth still work double high point.

Make three chains again and repeat the process for the entire length of the row. Now take the second colored yarn and make the initial loop, then enter the first of the three basic chains, jump in the underlying processing and passed the noose inside.

Now make six chains and work a double high point in the second foundation chain jumped before, you do the same thing in the next chain, then work three chains and repeat the same passage in all the other three basic chains groups skipped during processing the first row.

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