Crochet - Simple Mesh Shawl

The shawl is a female head that comes to wear on the clothes in cold and humid days. Very often the shawls are pieces of triangular fabric with some decorative motive. In this video tutorial, you will see how to make a shawl with crochet technique. YouTuber to make your shawl even more special decided to use a multicolored yarn.

For this shawl, you must have:

  • a crochet,
  • a multicolored yarn.


Start the work by making eight chains, and put the crochet in the first vest and close with a very low point. Now you have to make eight chains and insert the crochet into the first vest and finish with a very low point. Continue the job by making five chains and in the third vest of the first slit go to make a double high point.

Done eight chains, turn the work and place a high knit in the circle. Make five stitch and in the other circle make a high point. Create five chains and in the third circle chain next to the crochet make a double high point.

Now you have to proceed with this process until the end of the length of your shawl. Finally, close the work with a very low point, cut the thread (not close to the shawl) and with a woolen needle thread the thread inside the shawl.

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