Crochet for Beginners - How to make a scarf or blanket

Very often in crochet technique, many jobs are performed with medium complexity points, but in this video tutorial made by YouTuber Blossom Crochet, you will see how to create a blanket or a scarf using a really simple point.
This work is suitable for beginners, where you can use more yarns of different color or a multicolor, in which you will create a V-shaped motive.

For this blanket / scarf you will have to get the following materials:

  • a crochet hook,
  • a cotton yarn.

Begin your blanket/scarf by making eighteen chains, and accordingly in the fourteenth chain, make a high stitch. Now, after running the high stitch, make a chain and at the same point refinish a high stitch. Jump two points, and repeat the same point twice. Repeat this step until the end of your chains.

When you come to the end of the last step, change the color of your yarn, make three chains and turn the job. At this point, you will notice that by performing the previous step holes have been formed, now, within them you will have to make two high stitch. Finally, you have to do more than continue this process until the end.

And here's your scarf/blanket finished, using just one easy to carry point for making it.

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