Crochet - Earrings With Beads

The jobs more fun and easy to make with crochet, even for beginners are the earrings. In facts, in this video tutorial, you will see how to create a model of earrings embellished with beads.
For these earrings you'll have to get:

  1. a crochet hook 1.7 mm (possibly also the one from 1.8 mm or 1.9 mm),
  2. colored beads,
  3. a pair of silver earrings or metal of a diameter of 1.5 cm,
  4. transparent enamel,
  5. a cotton yarn,
  6. a pair of scissors.

Start applying the transparent enamel to the end of your cotton yarn, and as soon as it will be dried, insert ten beads. Now, using the same wire where you have the beads, start to clothe the silver earring.
Make a low point the bottom of the earring so you will block well thread and you can continue doing other twenty­five points.

Turn the work, do three chains and skip a jersey, and in the next make a high point where you insert a bead, before the end of the point. Skip a mesh again and repeat the previous step.
Continue with this process until the end of the points remained. Turn the work, skip a jersey and in the next make a point low and so on. Finally, close the work with a point very low and cut the thread. Your earrings are finished.

Author Mikydg
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