Crochet - Centerpieces shaped poinsettia

In the video tutorial you will see how to make a beautiful crochet work that will revitalize your home during the holiday season. It is a beautiful centerpiece in the shape of a large poinsettia. To make this work you need the following materials: a red cotton yarn, a yellow or green cotton yarn and a crochet hook number four.

Started the work making the central part of the flower, then take green color yarn and do five little chains, then enter the hook in the first row of the chain and close the circle with a very low point. Make two chains, then inserting the hook into the previously drilled circle, working sixteen low points and close the round with a very low point, continue with another low point, made by inserting the hook between the first and second points of the previous lap, then make three chains and always among the first two points of the previous round work four high points not closed, that is, leaving the loop on hook. Then grab the yarn with it and pass it within all the slots and close the point.

Continue with three chains, jump two points of the previous round and the next repeat the procedure described so far and continue in this way until you have made a total of eight. After completing the tour with these groups of high points closed together, close the round with a very low point. When finished, use the red yarn to make the flower petals and finish your centerpieces.
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