Crochet Blanket - So easy...

The youtuber "Yolanda Soto Lopez", in the video tutorial you will show how to create your own beautiful blanket differs in its usual, a blanket you don't see everyday and that above all is simple to accomplish. This job can be created for both children and adults and you can choose the format simply by following the instructions in the tutorial, so as to reach the desired length and width.

Equip yourself with two different coloured woolen yarn and a crochet hook appropriate to the thickness of the yarn and begin to make a row of base composed of a number of chains equal to the length you need, also this work to run in multiple of three. In this case you will see a sample of work to better explain all steps, in fact are made fifteen chains plus other three finals, then inserting hook in fourth last ch performed a high point and carry on in this way until the end of the row, so be a high point in each chain.

At the end take three ch, turn piece and into the space between the third and fourth high point of the previous row, performed a low point, then three ch, go ahead into the space between the third and fourth high point later and performed another low point, so be another three chains and continue this for the entire row.
Turn work again and make a low point in the first space on the row below, then make three chain stitches and knit two high points, always within the same space above.

Three high points in the next space, then three more in what follows and so to all other remaining spaces, then perform three ch, turn piece and repeat the procedure explained so far, then completed the job and run a small border around to finish the cover.
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