Crochet - Beaded Bracelet

With the crochet technique you will see how to make a particular bracelet with multicolored beads. For this bracelet you will have to get it:

  • multicolored beads,
  • enamel,
  • a 2.5 mm crochet hook,
  • a 12 mm button,
  • a 3mm cotton yarn. 


Begin enamelling the tip of your yarn so you will fit the beads better, then make a circle and then make a chain and two low meshes. As soon as you run the two short meshes pull the thread and close the rim. Make a chain, turn the work and put each other in the two points to make another low point. Turn the work on and in the newly created points make two low meshes for each of them.

Now, make a chain, turn your work back and make a set of low loops for each point. Continue doing a chain, turn the work and now, make two outer meshes at the outer points and at only one internal point. Turn the work by making a chain and make a series of low points then continue by doing the last step described.

At this point, make eight slots as shown in the video tutorial, close the first slit, then pass a bead along the wire and close the two slots above, and proceed with this process until you have finished the slots.

Now, repeat the previous sequence according to the length of your bracelet. Conclude by doing the first procedures in which you will create the piece of fabric with the crochet, then embroider the button that will be your closure.

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