Crochet - A special work with floral motive

In the movie proposed by youtuber Galina Belikova you will see a special work with a floral motive, with this you can create everything you want from a shawl to a blanket and more.

To start making six chains, then enter the first row and make a very low point to close the circle that you have created, then continue with three chains, enter the crown in the center of the circle and make three high points. Now work two separating chains and always inside the center of the rim, make three highs stitchs.

Now, you work two separation chains followed by another three high points, then two chains and finish this first lap with three high points.

At this point, make three chains and turn the work, then enter the first space in the previous round (formed by the two separation chains) and make three high points, two separation chains and three high stitchs.

Do two more chains, then enter the underneath that precedes the second space of the previous lap and make a point high again followed by two chains, continue and enter the point that follows the space below and you always work a high point.

Make two chains and in the next space repeat exactly the same work done within the first and go ahead to complete this wonderful floral motive.

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