Chinese GP 2006 - Michael Schumacher's Last Victory

Only a few days before the Chinese Grand Prix, the second round of the Formula 1 2017. This race, which takes place as usual at the Shanghai circuit, is scheduled from 2004 and since then has never been lacking in the F1 season.

The race held in the 2006 season is definitely one that will remain in history, in fact in this GP has reached the last victory in Formula 1's most successful driver of all in this category, Michael Schumacher

It was the third last race of the 2006 World Cup, and Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) and Fernando Alonso (Renault) vie for the title: the German is fresh from victory at Monza, recovering as many as 10 points of Alonso, forced to stop because of engine problems . The ranking says Alonso first with 108 points, Schumacher second to 106 and championship fully reopened.

Qualifications seem to speak clear: the Asturian driver's Renault dominates all three sessions, with Schumacher trailing by 1 second and 2/10 in Q2 and even of 1 second and a half in Q3, the decisive one for the Pole. The starting grid therefore says that Alonso is in Pole flanked by Fisichella (Renault), the second row for the two Honda of Barrichello and Button, third row for Raikkonen (McLaren) and Schumacher.

Ready away and it seems the perfect day for Alonso, the wet track and the teammate to watch his back are a perfect mix for the flight of the Champion. The track begins to dry out, with Alonso already in full flight, but this time the companion can not keep behind Raikkonen (forced to retire some lap after). After just 10 laps, which flows in pursuit, while Schumi can climb to fourth, chasing Fisichella.

At lap 21 Schumacher enters the pit-stop, where only performs a fuel refilling without changing tires. The German holds third place behind the two Renaults, who make the pit stop in the next two rounds. At this point, almost half, Alonso continues to have problems with the tires, in fact its efficiency decreases suddenly and in a few laps will be overtaked by Fisichella and then by Schumacher: at lap 35 it is the time to return to the box for the Asturian.

Some fixing problems the right rear wheel are losing Alonso another 20 seconds, but at the restart, the Spaniard is scoring excellent times. Even Schumacher into the pits to change tires, followed a lap later by Fisichella. The Italian manages to fit in front of the Ferrari driver, but is then overtaken by Schumacher, who takes the lead.

At this point in Renault seek to limit the damage, by passing Alonso second and Fisichella third, so as to have the two contenders paired with the same points (116) in two races from the end. In the last laps the rain will return, but the coldness of Schumi and Alonso has the upper hand. After 56 rounds of battle of nerves, Michael Schumacher won the third edition of the Chinese Grand Prix, winning his 91st and final race of his career. 

With this victory Schumi reopen the championship, unfortunately for him will take a turn for the worse in the next race when the engine failure delivery Gp of Japan to Alonso who then confirm champion in the last race in Brazil.

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