Cesar Millan: The hyperactive and biting Golden Retriever!

Interesting short movie from the television show "Dog Whisperer", in which we can see the famous trainer and canine psychologist Cesar Millan grappling with two hyperactive and biting Golden Retrievers.

In the first part of the video Cesar Millan, after talking to the owner of the two dogs, discovers that they are actually not aggressive but essentially unruly and boisterous. Their bite is just a wrong way to draw the attention of the woman. This is especially true or when they want to leave the House to make long walks or when meeting other dogs on the street.

Immediately after Cesar Millan takes the two dogs with decision, he stops them on the floor and although these are very agitated manages to calm them down. At this point, Cesar explains to the woman that to maintain calm dogs must have a confident and act like a leader.

The Golden Retriever is a dog normally extremely sweet and playful. Loves the company of humans and other animals. Being selected as a working dog has an inexhaustible energy. This feature makes it a perfect dog for active people who enjoy adventurous life.

Unlike many other dogs Golden Retriever loves the sea and swim. Today along with the Labrador Retriever is the most used for rescue at sea. Golden Retrievers are good pets. suited to family life, in particular because of their patience with children.
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