Cesar Millan: The crazy Schnauzer!

Interesting and exciting movie from the popular tv series "Dog Whisperer", in which we see the popular dog trainer Cesar Millan, struggling with three Miniature Schnauzer, who respectively named "Tori, Cassie and Skyler," extremely aggressive and bitey.

Normally the Schnauzer has a calm and peaceful temperament. He loves family life and play both with children and with other animals. However being essentially selected as a guard dog and defence dog, if not properly trained since a puppy can become extremely aggressive even with their owners.

In the first part of the video Cesar Millan talking with older masters of three dogs, it turns out that these become aggressive or in the presence of food, or when walking down the street meet other dogs, that the three Schnauzer, without thinking for a second, attack.

After observing carefully the three dogs, Cesar understands that these are very jealous, then firmly locks them in a corner and managed to calm the three Schnauzer.
At this point, Cesar explains to masters of Schnauzers as should behave to avoid these situations highly stressful.

The Schnauzer is a very lively and playful dog. He also loves long walks outdoors, expend considerable energy at its disposal. For nature is an excellent observer, always attentive to the discussions that arise within his family.
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