Cesar Millan: The biting Shiba Inu and The Aggressive Welsh Corgie!

Interesting and adrenaline short film adapted from the popular television show "Dog Whisperer", in which we see the famous dog trainer Cesar Millan, with three dogs: a biting Shiba Inu of 2 years old called "Ricky", a small and aggressive Welsh Corgi of 5 months called "Jordan" and a sweet and playful Golden Retriever.

In the first part of the video Cesar Millan, speaking with the two women claiming of the dogs, he finds that since at home came the little Corgie, the Shiba Inu has become extremely aggressive and biting. Cesar realizes immediately that this is because the Shiba Inu is very jealous of the little dog and sincere friendship that it has with the Golden Retriever of the neighbors.

At this point, Cesar takes the Shiba Inu and brings him closer to the Golden Retriever. The reaction of the former is really mad, in a moment she launches the Golden and bites him on the neck. With indomitable courage small Corgie goes to defend his friend biting the tail of the Shiba Inu. Cesar with a deft hands move separates the three dogs and manages to calm them down.

Normally the Shiba Inu has a temperament very friendly with everyone. It is extremely quiet and loves lots of play with both children and other dogs. Is considered primarily a companion dog, although it was originally selected as a hunting dog. His natural caution also makes an excellent watchdog.

This cute four legs tends however to be unrelated and touchy, so can also become extremely aggressive if not trained since a puppy.

Is a very strong and very durable dog and given the small size fits very well to life in a small apartment.
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