Cesar Millan: The Aggressive Yorkshire Terrier!

Interesting and short movie in which we see the popular TV conductor "Cesar Millan", author of important shows such as "Dog Whisperer", grappling with an aggressive and hyperactive Yorkshire Terrier.

In the first part of the video Cesar speaks with the owner of the dog. From the master discovers that the little Terrier becomes aggressive and barking furiously in the presence of his food, while behaves agitated and restless when guests come into the House.

After an initial study phase, in which the dog appears quiet, Cesar Millan picks up some Kibbles and tries to give it to the dog. The dog will immediately change attitude, starts barking nervously and with a move very fast bites the hand of Cesar, to grab food.

For nothing frightened by the bite just received, in a move very fast Cesar Millan blocks the dog on the floor and with a firm voice and strong rebukes him soothing.

At this point, Cesar explains to the woman how it should behave when the dog starts to be restless. The small Terrier in fact, says Cesar, was once extremely spoiled and today has this biting and furious attitude.

Despite its small size the Yorkshire Terrier is a dog extremely intelligent and active, but also very bossy, must therefore be trained properly since puppy to avoid taking this aggressive behavior.
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