Cesar Millan: The Aggressive White Terrier!

Short film adapted from the television program "Dog Whisperer", in which we see the famous conductor Cesar Millan grappling with a furious and poignant White Terrier named "Percy".

The White Terrier normally has a quiet and playful temperament. He loves playing with children and socialize with other dogs and small animals, which usually is never aggressive. His small size also makes it perfect for apartment living, and his natural agility and strength make it ideal for racing.

Like all Terriers, however if not trained properly and since puppy, can become possessive and aggressive even with its hosts, as is evident in this film.

In the first part of the clip, speaking with the owners of the White Terrier, Cesar Millan discovers that the latter becomes very aggressive and especially biting when touched at the level of the hind legs.

After an initial study phase, in which the dog and Cesar Millan are attached intensely in the eyes, the man approaches the dog holding a leash, with firm attitude and safe. The immediate reaction of the four legs, as soon as it is touched to the hind and frightening anger.

With a quick movement the dog turns on itself and violently trying to bite the hand of man. For nothing intimidated Cesar Millan, locks the head with one hand and with the other the tail of the dog. At this point the dog as they cannot move, assumes an attitude of calm and submissive, being finally touch quietly.
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