Cesar Millan: The Aggressive Pug!

Amazing and surprising movie, in which we see the famous canine trainer "Cesar Millan", with two Pugs, called "Madison and Catalina", extremely aggressive and biting, especially in the presence of other dogs.

Talking to the owner of the pugs, Cesar Millan discovers that initially the two dogs lived alone with their master. When the latter decided to move with his girlfriend, the two dogs began to become extremely jealous and aggressive. This was partly because the woman inside the House had another dog.

The Pug is an ancient breed of dog selected in China, looks like the English Bulldog but considerably smaller. Must not ever exceed 8 kg in males. Like all molosser by young are very vivid and dynamic, but more than three years of age become great sleepyheads.

From the point of view character is a companion dog that stands out for its dignity and seriousness. Is a faithful dog, sensitive and gifted normally a docile nature. If it remains alone for many hours can easily get depressed. As adults are extremely lazy dogs who do not like to do the walks. Laziness and continues hunger are the main causes of obesity that Pugs are suffering.

Adapt well to any situation, even to live in small apartments and if necessary can be excellent guardians. Are highly valued because of their funny appearance by both adults and children.
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