Cesar Millan: The Aggressive Basset Hound!

Interesting and amazing short movie, taken from the popular television show "Dog Whisperer", in which the protagonist, the famous canine psychologist Cesar Millan, tries to correct the aggressive behavior of a Basset Hound.

Selected in the late 19th century in Britain, crossing the Dachshund under several hounds, the Basset Hound is today a popular companion dog also ideal for living in a small apartment.

In the first part of the video, Cesar Millan talking to the dog master, turns out that recently in the House came a new dog, a beautiful Pit Bull Terrier, and at the arrival of this dog, the Basset Hound has become extremely jealous and aggressive.

Immediately Cesar Millan takes the situation in hand, and with firmness and decision puts the two dogs almost touching. The reaction of the two is amazing, in fact after an initial fear, the two dogs begin to run and play together.

Today the Basset Hound is among the most popular and beloved pet dogs, given his character naturally quiet and patient. This four legs is usually cute and sweet with children, with all other persons and with other animals. He is extremely stubborn and proud and due to its sad expression often fails to get what he wants.

Funny and cute appearance may be misleading, the Basset Hound in origin it was selected as a hunting dog, due to his short stature and his prodigious nose. This dog love long walks in the open air, looking for a fragrance tracks.
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