Cavalier King: Really special dog!

In this beautiful and exciting movie we see a documentary about the sweet and little Cavalier king. Is a small spaniel with a very soft coat of medium length, usually has long ears. Are available in four varieties of color, black, tan, and black mixture of these colors.

Cavalier King is a docile and gentle temperament, very playful and friendly, especially with children. It adapts well to live in a small apartment, but if left alone for many time suffers from depression because it binds the master. Is very affectionate with other pets like cats or other dogs. Tend to fatten quickly if left to eat more than necessary.

Being lustful languid eyes often ask of delicious morsels, but being on all four-legs very active, love to run and then be taken outside frequently to maintain good health. Normally the Cavalier King very little barks and only when stimulated. On average they live from eight to fourteen years.

This breed of dog requires different care, because of long hair. You have to brush it daily to have a clean and shiny coat. You also need to shorten the hair at the level of legs and ears, this will facilitate the cleaning operations. The Cavalier King suffers from heart problems and could also bring diseases to the detriment of view. A common condition is syringomyelia, due to paralysis. If you do not care feeding, it might tend toward obesity. Frequent ear infections, as is the case for all dogs who have long ears.

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