Cabochon Pendants - Tutorial

The cabochon is nothing more than a type of cut that is carried out on the stones, whose particularity is the absence of facets. The structure of this stone is convex with a flat base, this cut is often used in colored stones, especially if they are opaque.
To make this cut must take into account the hardness of the stone when you have to shape it by giving it a more rounded and possibly oval appearance. Finally you have to polish it with beeswax. In this video tutorial, the YouTuber "JewelryTutorialHQ", shows how to make at home a cabochon stone to use it as a pendant.

- a cabochon,
- a towel,
- colored paper,
- a pencil,
- a pair of scissors,
- glue,
- hook for pendants.

Take the towel and started to clean the stone, then place the stone on a piece of colored paper and traced the outline with a pencil. Then cut the shape and glue glued the piece of paper to the stone. Finally, we just need to paste the hook and externally applied to it another layer of glue. Here's your homework is finished.

With this very simple process you can implement any reason your stone cabochons and you can also embed it on the frame of a ring, as well as realize it as a pendant.
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