Buying a Gaming PC at Best Buy – How Bad is it?

Today's episode of "LinusTechTips" will help us decide whether or not buying a pre-built gaming computer can be more costly than building it yourself. Linus narrates how he sent his wife to a Best Buy store to shop for a pre-built gaming computer. This is, according to Linus, to find out how frustrating it would be for a "normal"(as in non-gamer or a person just starting) person to find a gaming computer on a Big Bucks store.

According to Linus, as related by his wife, on the first store the initial sales person explained that the difference between the 900 dollar gaming pc and the 1500 dollar one was just aesthetics and that gaming computers just cost more. Fortunately, according to Linus, his wife realized that something is off and proceeded to find another sales person who is more knowledgeable. The second sales representative was much better but did not have any in stock to sale, which is kind of bothering Linus.

On the second day of shopping, the store sold the item while Linus' wife was actually on her way to get it which is rather unfortunate. After some time of going back and forth to stores and Linus' HQ, Linus' wife finally found one for 900 Canadian dollar. Let's watch the video and find out if it was worth to buy a pre-built gaming pc or not!
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