Bride Wedding Nail Art

In this video there is a fantastic idea to create a very elegant Nail Art to wear on the day of your wedding!

It starts with a transparent nail polish base, which will prepare the nail on colored nail polish and make much more brilliant job once finished. This is a preliminary step to be carried out with the utmost care, because although it may seem of little importance, since it determines the success of the Nail Art.

Completely dried the "base coat" proceed to divide the hoof in two parts with a transverse white line and then color, always with white enamel, the outer part. The inside will remain clean, showing the natural nail color.

At this point with a very thin brush you can achieve one at a time the arches that characterize the central part of the nail art. These must be made, following the transverse line drawn previously, on the nail part treated only with the transparent base enamel.

At this point you may decide to leave the job as well, or rapped with a sponge soaked in silver enamel to the nail tip. This will give a nice touch of sparkle to the most nail art.
The final operation is fix the work with a layer of top coat.

The final result of this nail art will be surely appreciate by every girls present at the day most important of a woman's life.
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